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Valueweb Standard Terms & Conditions

  1. The initial set-up fee of R100 and 3 months rental of R60pm (R180) is payable into the account details below on acceptance of the Product.

  2. A 3 month probationary period will run from the date of commencement of the web-site, during which time either party may give notice in writing to terminate this agreement at the end of the probationary period.

  3. Following the probationary period, the contract will run for a period of one year, which will automatically be renewed on an annual basis, unless 30 days written notice is given to terminate the contract.

  4. The annual payment will be deducted via debit order as per attached bank instruction. Bank rejection charges for any reason will be charged back to the client.

  5. Electronic Marketing reserves the right to cancel a contract at any stage. A pro-rata refund will be returned in this instance.

  6. The client indemnifies Electronic Marketing for any copyright infringements arising out of usage of the Product and further warrants that valid title is held to all intellectual property. The client further indemnifies Electronic Marketing against any other claims of any nature and source arising out the usage the services in this Product.

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