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1. The Promoter will:

  1. Promote the Product as detailed in the attached Valueweb Contract.
  2. Liaise with clients.
  3. Ensure that all documentation is appropriately completed.
  4. Warrant that no competing Products will be promoted whilst promoting Products for Electronic Marketing, and for a further period of 6 months after last client contract has been accepted by client.
  5. A promoter will be deemed to be inactive if no new clients have been signed up within a period of 6 months from last client.
  6. The promoter may not commit or make any warranties on behalf of Electronic Marketing apart from those included as part of the standard contract together with its terms and conditions.
  7. No changes may be made to the standard contract and terms and conditions. Any clients who require changes to the standard terms and conditions must be referred directly to Electronic Marketing. The applicable commission will still be payable to the Promoter as detailed below.

2. The Promoter will receive the following:

  1. R500 per client is payable as a commission.

    a. R200 is payable on initial acceptance and payment by client as detailed in Valueweb standard terms and conditions and contract

    b. A further R300 is payable on 1st annual renewal of the Valueweb contract
  2. For every 100 Clients that the Promoter signs for min of a 1 year contract, the Promoter will receive a R10 000.00 bonus above his/her normal commission.
  3. Any Promoter who introduces a fellow Promoter who signs 100 Clients for a min of a 1 year contract, will also receive a R10 000 bonus above his/her normal commission.
  4. Should the contract be terminated for any reason whatsoever, no further commission will be payable.
  5. No commission will be paid to inactive promoters.
  6. All payment will be paid by EFT into the Promoters bank account. If any statuary taxes are applicable, these shall be deducted from the applicable payments.

3. General

  1. This document does not constitute an offer of employment from Electronic Marketing to the promoter.
  2. Electronic Marketing reserves the right to not accept any client contract for any reason whatsoever, without prejudice to itself.
  3. If Electronic Marketing believes that the promoter has acted in bad faith towards Electronic Marketing, then Electronic Marketing reserves the right to revoke the promoter’s ability to promote Electronic Marketing Products with immediate effect. The promoter will be deemed to be inactive with immediate effect and no further commission will be paid.

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